Astra has created an innovative risk management and insurance solution for food delivery—combining a powerful analytics platform that gathers real-time driver behavior with smart insurance protection.

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Risk Management and Insurance Solutions for Food Delivery

A rapidly expanding mobile economy provides consumers with access to a variety of food options and delivery choices—anytime, anywhere. As a result, the food delivery industry is growing at an astounding rate. Food delivery represents a $100+ billion industry in the US, with 280+ million delivery related transactions in the US each day*.

Restaurateurs, franchises, grocery stores, universities and others are implementing a wide array of delivery models to meet the growing demand and gain a competitive edge. From in-house drivers to third-party services, choices for delivery are more diverse than ever.

However, these rapid changes along with increased time behind the wheel come with new risks.

*Reported by the Restaurant Marketing and Delivery Association (RMDA) 2019

Risks Include

  • Auto liability
  • Distracted driving
  • Aggressive driving
  • Speeding and traffic violations
  • Inherent risks of injury or death
  • Property damage
  • Wage and hour lawsuits
  • Food tampering
  • Food quality and safety
  • Reputation management

Liabilities Stem From

  • Gaps in existing coverage
  • No clear view or control of driver behavior
  • A lack of training and safety policy
  • Diminished food quality at the point of delivery
  • No assurance driver’s insurance will respond
  • Unacceptable customer experience

A Solution That Keeps Pace With Your Deliveries

Our analytics platform gathers mobile data from drivers and provides insights into the way your vehicles are operated in the field. Unsafe driving behaviors are recognized and corrected. Driver safety records improve. Liability and premiums decrease. Operational efficiencies and delivered food quality increase. Best of all you deliver an exceptional customer experience.

This transparency removes the guesswork, and premiums are automatically adjusted to meet your driver risk profile.


  • Comprehensive analytics
  • Assesses the driving habits of drivers—real-time
  • Captures digital records of trips taken
  • Set route boundaries
  • Billing based on actual delivery miles and driver profiles


  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Improved service and delivery quality
  • Improved driving habits
  • Increased safety awareness
  • Lower premiums with right-sized coverage
  • Reduced levels of risk and liability
  • Lower costs
  • Improved customer experience
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Program Details

Employees will be included as an ‘Employees as Insurers’, personal use will be excluded (if possible) and Non-Owned Physical Damage coverage for a policy aggregate of $25,000 will be included for your driver’s car. Coverage will be excess of any valid and collectible insurance in the case where a personal auto policy responds to a claim. Pay as you go—at the end of every month your drivers’ score will help determine the rate. You can monitor drivers in real-time 24/7.

Coverage Options

  • Limits $1MIL–$10MIL per occurrence
  • Deductible options available
  • $0–$100,000 per occurrence (exception to go higher)
  • Fellow Employee Coverage
  • Additional Insured Status for Grantor
  • 30 day notice of cancellation

Underwriting Criteria

  • Drivers must be acceptable according to program guidelines
  • Overall loss ratio history must be lower than 30%
  • Minimum premium need of $50,000
  • Must implement app as a required component of the program